"Art is what you can get away with."
-Andy Warhol

Acquisitions /


We provide expert and comprehensive advice on the acquisition of artwork based on the type of collection and parameters to best accommodate the lifestyle of each of our clients. Traveling to art fairs, studio visits, attending international arts events and partnering with art galleries are all done to guarantee the collector a globalized approach to collecting contemporary art. We enjoy spotting emerging talent and finding what stands out from the rest.

Collection management /


Art collection management include defining a vision for your collection, cataloging and overseeing of the artwork's proper care. Incontemporary provides an online data base with access to the collection's works from multiple locations. Most importantly our clients receive total transparency and discretion through out the entire process.

Framing /


Framing works of art is as significant as the artwork itself. It is important to know the difference methods and options to framing canvas, prints, or photography. Choosing the right frames and mats will enhance the artwork to provide premium exposure.

Displaying Artwork /


We act as your personal curators. Lighting, hight and focal points should all be involved when making decisions on displaying artwork. Collaborations are done on a regular basis with other professionals in the field such as interior designers to provide the best advice for you, the collector.