the art of collecting






 Duo presentation by: Kurt Pio and Omar Saenz





An intuition / A excuse / A coincidence / An idea / A moment / A constellation                                                            A project / A booth / A haiku / A collaboration / A collection

Group presentation by: Jippies Asquerosos, Dulce Chacon, Tahanny Lee Betancourt, Leo Marz, Pedro Noigrandes, Marco Treviño

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Saltillo-based visual artist Federico Jordan presented a new series of contemporary collages by incorporating painting and pencils on wood. Each piece is an artistic and introspective experimentation on the social inflection points, a topic of interest for the artist.



YURAH by LA-based artist Jennika Kane, exposes an ideology where she invites the viewer to question themselves, sensitize ourselves and let our lives find a balance.  The origin in the works as well as the elements are very important, the great majority take names in the Inuit language or Lakora, referring to the importance of our ancestors. Jennika's extensive research to connect with these origins leads her to discover different ideologies to those we live in our urban life. These tribes are still connected to nature, animals and the forces that are in the earth, water and fire. We must admire beauty, love and balance our energies to live a full life with positive energies. YURAH is beauty.

YURAH was presented at Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima from November 24 to December 17, 2016.



TRIGARANTE, was a 2 day exhibition celebrating Mexican emerging artists, in collaboration with Galería K2.

Artists :Hector Alvarado | Eduardo Corral "TLaloC" | Armando Fraga | Gabriel Garza | Camilo Garza | Tomás Guereño | Juan Hernandez | KRSTO | Leo Marz | Marcela Rosado | Marco Treviño | Carlos Vielma



The solo booth of Gabriel Garza titled, Tirando la Casa por la Ventana, documents the exchange of contents between the residence and various bodies of water in the state of Nuevo León, using a pond installed in the artist's studio as a temporary deposit. After years of seeing the city of Monterrey derailed by the eruption of violence, the video shows a new perspective of the landscape of Nuevo León. The video was accompanied by paintings made on site as witness of the trajectories carried out inside and outside the city, which would be risky in previous years.



The work of the renowned Chinese artist, Liu Bolin, is presented for the first time in Monterrey. Bolin has been disappearing in his works since 2005 when he began the series "Hiding in the City." Using his body as a canvas, he hides himself in the background by creating statements about our relationship with our environment and reflections on Chinese artists in modern China.

The exhibition "Camaleón" is made up of some of the most representative photographs of the artist, and photographs of the series "Hiding in Mexico" are presented for the first time in Monterrey. Inspired by Mexican culture, the artist blends into urban landscapes full of color and symbols of our environment. Sometimes with themes of silent protest, the exercise of camouflage in historical or city sites goes beyond an appropriation of the city. He seeks to establish a dialogue with those who inhabit these spaces and understand what is happening in a country at that precise moment.

This exhibition was inaugurated on Tuesday, June 16, at 7:30 p.m., in Gallery 1 and 2 of the Roberto Garza Sada Center, where it remained open to the public until August 15, 2014.